MCDC2M Subconn connector


MacArtney 2pin SubConn connector – Blank

2 pin arrangement for use on Subsea Survey equipment and ROV.

Note: Subconn connectors must always
be greased with Molykote M44.
This can be purchased separately

Temperature rating (water): – 4 to 60˚C, 25 to 140˚F
Temperature rating (air): – 40 to 60˚C, – 40 to 140˚F
Storage temperature rating: – 40 to 60˚C, – 40 to 140˚F
Qualified pressure tested: 800 bar, 11,600 psi
Depth rating PEEK: 300 bar, 4,350 psi

Material specifications

Connector body: Chloroprene rubber

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