Optic Prep™ Pre-saturated Wipe - Pack of 50 Wipes


Optic Prep Pre-saturated Wipes are high quality premoistened
lens-grade tissues for cleaning optical surfaces. These highly
effective cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning and polishing
optical surfaces, lenses, photographic equipment, CRT and
LCD screens and instruments. Optic Prep is safe for use on
fibre optic connectors.
Optic Prep Pre-saturated Wipes contain ultra-pure isopropyl
alcohol (65% IPA / 35% Pure Water) on an ultra-soft, lens grade tissue.

Plastic Safe
Dries Fast
Leaves No Residue
Upper Ozone Safe; CFC/HCFC Free

Typical applications for Optic Prep Pre-saturated Wipes clean:
Plastic and glass lenses
Machine optics and alignment lenses
Fibre Optic Connectors
CRT’s and LCD’s
Copier optics and prisms


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