Knipex Hand Crimping Tool for Bootlace Ferrule - 97 53 04


Crimp tool

High quality Knipex crimping tool for bootlace ferrule. This handheld crimp tool is designed to compress pieces of material together with the size of 0.08 – 10mm² with an added feature allowing you to crimp up to 16mm². The transmission ratio of this crimping tool has been well designed and therefore hand friendly providing a comfortable grip and allowing the user to crimp easily with the perfect end result. The crimping can be easily carried out leaving a hexagonal profile on the crimped end sleeves or ferrules making it much easier if the connection dimensions are tight. When crimping from 10mm to 16mm this will leave a square compression on the end sleeves for ideal contact surfaces in the clap connection. This crimping tool also automatically adjusts to the size of the bootlace ferrule to make sure accurate work is performed with each crimp. This feature allows the user not to spend time measuring the force when crimping because the crimping tool integral lock with release mechanism ensures the right amount of pressure automatically reaches the bootlace ferrule.

Features and Benefits
• Self-adjusting wire end ferrule tool with side entry
• Adjusts automatically to different cable cross-sections
• Produces a hexagonal crimp profile
• Optimum positioning of contact surfaces in the clamp connection for confined connection dimensions
• Automatic lock for reliable crimping in accordance with DIN standards (unlockable)
• Crimp pressure is set and calibrated in the factory
• Low-effort lever mechanism
• Easy-to-use shape with ergonomic handles
• Suitable in particular for all twin end sleeves (ferrules) up to 2 x 6 mm² or 2 x AWG 8

Typical Applications
Crimping tools can be used for a variety of applications:-
• Maintenance & repair
• Electrical Installations
• Cable assemblies

Product code :97 53 04

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