D Sub Adapter Male 9 Way D-Sub to Female 9 Way D-Sub


Slimline adaptors that plug into desktop PCs or peripheral equipment and have been designed to protect Interface ports from wear caused by plugging and unplugging of cables.
A gender changer is a type of cable adapter that converts a male connector into a female connector of the same type or a female connector to a male connector of the same type. By using this cable adapter you can easily and quickly change the gender, or join two cables together. By changing the gender of your port and using the cable you already have means that you don’t have to buy a new cable which will ultimately save you money.


Wired pin to pin
Supplied with locking hardware
Male to female
Operating temp -55 to + 105°C
Current rating 5A
Changes the gender of a connector or cable assembly

Typical Applications:

A gender changer is an electrical device placed between two cable connectors of the same type and gender. If you have the wrong male or female connections for your application, gender changers are an easy way to bridge the gap without the need to buy a new cable. Gender changers are often used by engineers and technicians to test circuits and putting together specialised systems. They can be found in areas including:
Communications ports
Network ports
Computer video output
Game controller ports

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