Bootlace Ferrule Crimper Set with 1200pc crimps


Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool is a newly designed crimping tool for wire ferrules. It is ideal for crimping insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules.
The Crimp Too provides high crimping forces with low hand gripping power leading to less fatigue when used repeatedly.

1. Ergonomic handle design provides improved gripping power.
2. Adjustable ratchet and lever action construction reduces fatigue degree.
3. Special four-mandrel crimping style for square crimp.
4. High quality crimping standard ensures repeatable crimping action.
5. Quick release safety lock.

Handle Material: Nylon
Body: HSC8 6-4
Range of Application: Wire-end ferrules
Capacity mm²: 0.25-6.0mm²
AWG: 23-10

Ferrule Wire Terminals:
Green: E6012 AWG 10, 100pcs
Gray: E4009 AWG 12, 100pcs
Blue: E2508 AWG 14, 100pcs
Black: E1508 AWG 16, 100pcs
Red: E1008 AWG 18, 200pcs
White: E7508 AWG 20, 200pcs
Yellow: E0508 AWG 22, 200pcs
Orange: E0508 AWG 22, 200pcs

1 × Ferrule Crimping Plier/Hand Crimping Tool
1200 × Terminal Wire Connectors


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