9 Way D-sub Connector Plug with plastic backshell


D-Sub Connector Kit

D-Sub connector kits come with 9 pin connector, in either male plug or female socket options. Please refer to the list below for more information.
These D-Sub connector kits feature a plastic clamshell casing. The plastic case fits together with two machine screw fixings. The D-Sub connector contacts are gold plated which also ensures a high quality connection.
These kits work with cables with a diameter of up to 9 mm. The cable clamp that comes with the kit is secured with two screws. This provides strain relief to the cable to ensure reliability and a longer lifetime.
• Top cable entry (90°)
• Compatible cable diameter up to 9mm
• Plastic housing
• Secure fixing  system
• Gold-plated contacts

D-Sub Connector Info:
• Voltage rating: 250V
• Current rating: 3A
• Contact resistance: 25mA (max)
• Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ
• Operating temperature: -55 to +105 °C

Each Kit Contains:
2 x backshell halves
2 x 4-40 jack screws
1 x  strain relief
1 x metal strain relief clamp (with screws)
1 x D-Sub connector with solder buckets

49 in stock (can be backordered)