9 Pin D-Sub (DB9) Male to Female Lead, 10m


For all serial communication installations. Male and female connectors on opposite ends to reduce the need for gender changers, 10m long for longer length Serial cable run, close attention should be paid to the length of serial run, whilst Serial communication have been known to run successfully up to 50m, degraded signal and power can cause communications failures over runs longer than 10-15m.

9 Pin D-Sub (DB9) Male to Female Lead, 10m
Product Overview
9 Way D subminiature male to 9 Way D subminiature female EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adaptor) extension cable. EGA cable is used for older computers or graphics card with 9 pin configuration. The pin-outs are configured straight through so could also be used as serial cables.
For use with switch boxes or as an extension
Wired 1-1


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